Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Pics and Pics

When I said below, that I would add a few a day til I got them finished...... I lied. I put my Ipod on and went to work pulling an all nighter :) Finally got them finished. Like I said below, my very first time shooting indoors....So it was something new for me and I hope in the spring they come back to Louisville and let me photograph them in my best element :)There are a ton of pics. J can not upload them from the emails so I had to upload them all for her to be able to choose what she wants! We played the email game for a few days and it didn't want to work!
Below is the one they chose for the phone book ad and website. But it will be in Black and White.

Di, These are all great!!!!! I saved several of them in my photos for my computer.
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